Table 2

Baseline demographic characteristics of the study participants

Subjects (n = 171), mean (SD) or %
Age (yrs)60.6 (6.6)a
Total body fat from DXA (kg)38.4 (9.0)a
Alcohol (g/day)4.3 (7.9)a
Ever used hormone therapy72 (42.1)b
Ever used herbal hormonesc12 (7.1)b
No ovaries remaining7 (4.1)b
Had hysterectomy30 (17.5)b
 Non-Hispanic white148 (87.1)b
 Other22 (12.9)b
Marital status
 Never married12 (7.0)b
 Divorced/separated44 (25.7)b
 Widowed18 (10.5)b
 Married/living with partner97 (56.7)b
  • a Number in parentheses is SD.

  • b Number in parentheses is percentage.

  • c Based on the question “Did you ever take any type of herbal estrogen, progesterone, or testosterone, such as Dong Quai (Angelica sinenis), Black Cohash (Cimicifuga racemosa), Wild Yam, or other herbal hormones?”

  • d One subject did not report her race/ethnicity.