Table 1.

Effect of menstrual cycle on IGF-I and IGFBP-3

Menstrual cycle phaseIGF-I (ng/mL)IGFBP-3 (μg/mL)
Follicular, mean (95% confidence interval)192.2 (173.0-213.4)18.3 (17.3-19.3)
Periovulatory, %Δ from follicular (95% confidence interval)3.3 (−1.0 to 7.9)−0.8 (−3.6 to 2.0)
Midluteal, %Δ from follicular (95% confidence interval)7.6 (1.8-13.6)0.8 (−2.5 to 4.2)
  • NOTE: Geometric means and percentage change (Δ) in serum concentrations in periovulatory or midluteal phases compared with follicular phase while on control diet (no alcohol).