Table 4.

Any and hours per week of recreational physical activity and colon cancer incidence, by exercise level reported in 1982, number of cases and multivariate-adjusted RR and 95% CI, CPS II Nutrition Cohort men and women, 1992-1993 to 1999

Exercise level reported in 1982
None or slight
Moderate or heavy
Recreational physical activity in the year before study enrollment (1991-1992)No. casesMultivariate-adjusted* RR (95% CI)No. casesMultivariate-adjusted* RR (95% CI)
Recreational physical activity
No activity381.00 (reference)801.00 (reference)
Any activity1950.84 (0.59-1.20)6270.87 (0.68-1.10)
Recreational physical activity (h/wk)
No activity381.00 (reference)801.00 (reference)
    <2920.90 (0.61-1.32)2080.93 (0.72-1.21)
    2-3370.78 (0.49-1.23)1150.85 (0.64-1.14)
    4-6430.83 (0.53-1.29)1730.91 (0.69-1.19)
    ≥7230.74 (0.44-1.25)1310.74 (0.56-0.99)
P for trend, with and without reference group0.28, 0.430.007, 0.01
  • * Models included age, sex, education, exercise level in 1982, cigarette smoking, alcohol, red meat, folate, fiber, multivitamin use in 1982, and hormone replacement therapy (women).

  • Included walking, jogging/running, lap swimming, tennis or racquetball, bicycling/stationary bike, aerobics/calisthenics, and dancing.