Table 1.

Selected characteristics of study participants by total hours per week of recreational physical activity in the year before study enrollment, CPS II Nutrition Cohort men and women, 1992-1993

Recreational physical activity in the year before study enrollment (total h/wk)Men (n = 70,403)
Women (n = 80,771)
No. participants8,54520,02211,53515,36814,9337,47125,95916,13917,87313,329
Median h/wk01.
Median MET h/wk04.410.617.530.104.410.617.531.9
Low or no exercise reported in 1982 (%)32342723164334272215
Median age at cohort enrollment63646365656262626262
Race, non-White (%)2222232323
Education, none beyond high school (%)41271923254537313433
Gained >4.545 kg between 1982 and 1992 (%)26231919164035343027
BMI (median, kg/m2)26.526.325.825.825.525.925.124.724.223.9
Tendency to gain weight at the waist (%)70757573705253535149
Current cigarette smoking (%)179578138778
Alcohol, ≥2 daily drinks (%)151211121365556
Aspirin, current use (%)46515454533840424040
Multivitamin use in 1982, ≥15 d/mo (%)15202321222225292729
Current hormone replacement therapy use (%)2832353333
Total energy intake (median, cal)1,8181,6981,6721,6811,7631,3031,2971,2961,2821,320
Energy-adjusted total fiber (median, g)1112131313910111112
Energy-adjusted total folate (median, μg)273307339331347256297351339365
>7 servings of red meat/wk (%)43322527291713111010
  • NOTE: Proportions standardized to the age distribution of the CPS II Nutrition Cohort.