Table 5.

Association between calcium (1,000 mg/day) and advanced colorectal adenoma stratified by CASR diplotype

CASR diplotypeCalcium intake, OR (95% CI)
Overall0.79 (0.61-1.02)
000/0000.68 (0.47-0.99)
000/1000.69 (0.39-1.23)
000/0101.49 (0.57-3.90)
000/0010.36 (0.07-1.88)
Other diplotypes0.97 (0.28-3.36)
  • NOTE: ORs adjusted for age, gender, ethnic origin, study center, energy intake, educational attainment, tobacco use, alcohol intake, aspirin and ibuprofen use, physical activity, body mass index, and intake of red meat, folate, and dietary fiber. Range of the 10th to 90th percentile of calcium intake in controls (567-2,021 mg/day).