Table 3.

ORs and 95% CIs for Hodgkin's lymphoma and occupational lifetime exposure to high molecular weight agents (IgE mediated) by age, sex, duration of exposure, and exposure to other occupational agents

Cases (n)Controls (n)OR* (95% CI)
Age at onset of lymphoma (y)
        Exposed4353.02 (0.72-12.7)
        Exposed5151.80 (0.55-5.84)
Duration of exposure to high molecular weight agents (y)
    ≤54242.29 (0.66-7.98)
    >55552.21 (0.75-6.53)
Exposure to other occupational agents
    Low molecular weight agents161840.73 (0.38-1.43)
    Bioaerosols61450.50 (0.16-1.54)
    Mixed environments152351.10 (0.49-2.49)
    Other possible asthmagens332871.26 (0.68-2.34)
  • * ORs are adjusted for age (10 age groups; 5 age groups in some models due to problems in model convergence), sex (when appropriate), area (three hospitals), and other occupational exposures in four groups (low molecular weight agents, bioaerosols, mixed exposures that include mainly metal working fluids and agriculture, and possible asthma-related exposures such as environmental tobacco smoke).

  • Low molecular weight agents include highly reactive chemicals (isocyanates, anhydrides, etc.), sensitizing drugs, industrial cleaning agents, wood antigenic dusts, and metal sensitizers. Bioaerosols include moulds and endotoxins. Mixed environments include metal working fluids, agriculture with high probability of exposure to organic particulate or fumes, textile industry, and irritants. Possible asthmagens include low-level exposure to irritants, exhaust fumes, passive smoking, and low-level exposure to several other chemical agents. Reference category are nonexposed to each category.