Table 6.

Joint effect of mEH phenotypes and GSTM1 genotypes on CBMN frequency (‰) in coke-oven and non–coke-oven workers

mEHGSTM1Non–coke-oven workers
Coke-oven workers
nMean ± SDPnMean ± SDP
LA phenotypeNon-null253.7 ± 3.5Reference398.2 ± 7.1Reference<0.01
LA phenotypeNull143.8 ± 3.20.54319.7 ± 6.50.22<0.01
IA-HA phenotypeNon-null164.9 ± 4.40.17359.2 ± 6.50.430.01
IA-HA phenotypeNull113.8 ± 3.40.863611.1 ± 6.10.02<0.01
  • * Mann-Whitney U tests for the differences in CBMN frequencies between coke-oven workers and non–coke-oven workers by each genotype.

  • Multivariate analysis of covariance tests for differences in ln-transformed CBMN data between genotypes with adjustment for urinary 1-OHP, age, sex, and cigarettes per day in coke-oven workers and non–coke-oven workers separately.

  • Reference group for comparisons of ln-transformed CBMN data between genotypes.