Table 5.

Multivariate model of relative risk of cervical cancer among HPV-positive women

CasesControlsAdjusted OR*95% Confidence interval
Age (y)
    White, non-Hispanic1411121.0
Education (y)
Income ($/y)
Pap smear screening
    ≤4 y ago/never abnormal961571.0
    ≤4 y ago/abnormal45244.02.1-7.5
    >4 y ago/never abnormal51115.82.7-12.3
    >4 y ago/abnormal518.81.0-81.7
History of nonspecific genital infection
Yeast infection
    <20 cigarettes/d/<20 y22271.20.6-2.4
    <20 cigarettes/d/≥20 y24221.20.5-2.7
    ≥20 cigarettes/d/<20 y33271.60.8-3.3
    ≥20 cigarettes/d/≥20 y63232.81.5-5.3
  • * Adjusted for all other variables in table.