Table 4

Adjusted ORs and 95% CIs for prostate cancer stratified on tumor aggressiveness by HPC2 genotype among whites

GenotypeNo. of controlsNo. of less aggressive casesOR (95% CI)aNo. of more aggressive casesOR (95% CI)a
Ser 217 Leu
 S/L2131621.26 (0.95–1.68)781.05 (0.74–1.49)
 L/L42441.73 (1.08–2.77)130.89 (0.46–1.74)
 Any Leu2172552061.34 (1.02–1.76)921.02 (0.73–1.43)
Ala 541 Thr
 A/T42270.88 (0.53–1.47)150.96 (0.52–1.78)
  • a Adjusted for age and first-degree family history of prostate cancer by polychotomous logistic regression; the analysis of Ala541Thr excludes 1 case with less aggressive disease and 1 control with the T/T genotype.