Table 2

ORs with 95% CIs for the association between serum titers of HPV type 16, 18, and 33, and prostate cancer

Serum titers analyzed as categorical and continuous variables with and without mutual adjustmenta.

HPV typeSerum titerCases/controlsAge-adjustedMutually adjusteda
OR95% CIOR95% CI
HPV 16≤100207/1781.0Referent1.0Referent
Continuous per 200 units0.91(0.66–1.24)0.90(0.60–1.34)
HPV 18≤100210/1851.0Referent1.0Referent
Continuous per 200 units0.84(0.58–1.23)0.52(0.29–0.93)
HPV 33≤100168/1621.0Referent1.0Referent
Continuous per 200 units1.54(1.00–2.36)2.69(1.39–5.21)
  • a Adjusted simultaneously for HPV 16, HPV 18, HPV 33, and age.