Table 1.

Children's Cancer Group/COG etiology of childhood cancer studies

ProtocolTitleCases (n)ChairpersonSource of funds
E01Case-control study of osteogenic sarcoma200T. PendergrassLocal
E02Case-control study of hepatoblastoma75J. BuckleyLocal
E03Case-control study of Ewing's sarcoma170L. RobisonNIH
E04Self-administered questionnaire3,500J. BuckleyLocal
E05Case-control study of acute nonlymphoblastic leukemia204L. RobisonNIH
E06Case-control study of Wilms' tumor*240A. OlshanMarch of Dimes
E07Case-control study of retinoblastoma270A. MeadowsNIH
E08Case-control study of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma249J. BuckleyNIH
E09Case-control study of infant leukemia302L. RobisonNIH
E10Case-control study of rhabdomyosarcoma*300S. GruffermanNIH
E11Twin concordance study850J. BuckleyAmerican Cancer Society
E12Case-control study of primitive neural ectodermal tumor and astrocytoma321G. BuninNIH
E13Case-control study of Hodgkin's disease*300S. GruffermanNIH
E14Case-control study of acute nonlymphoblastic leukemia525M. SteinbuchNIH
E15Case-control study of childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia1,915L. RobisonNIH
E16Parental occupation and childhood cancer3,500G. BuninMarch of Dimes
E18Case-control study of neuroblastoma*640A. OlshanNIH
E21Case-control study of primitive neural ectodermal tumor700G. BuninNIH
AE22Case-control study of germ cell tumors600X. ShuNIH
B955Environmental exposures and Ras mutations in childhood leukemia2,440J. PerentesisNIH
B956Glutathione S-transferase genotype in childhood leukemia2,440S. DaviesNIH
AE23Case-control study of Down syndrome-leukemia and Down syndrome160J. RossNIH
AE24Case-control study of infant leukemia480J. RossNIH
A0026Case-control study of Wilms' tumor600A. OlshanNIH
AADM01P1Pilot for the Childhood Cancer Research Network1,400J. RossNIH
AE27Case-control study of hepatoblastoma600L. SpectorPending, NIH
  • * Collaborative study with the Pediatric Oncology Group.

  • COG study (others were Children's Cancer Group studies unless otherwise noted).