Table 3

Distribution of NBS1 gene polymorphisms according to the type of p53 mutations

Variablep53 statusUnivariate analysis G→T/C→A versus nonMultivariate Analysisbc G→T/C→A versus non
No.G→T/C→ANonaOR95% CIPOR95% CIP
 Glu/Glu525 (10%)47 (90%)1.001.00
 Glu/Gln3810 (26%)28 (74%)3.361.04–10.80.0433.420.95–12.30.060
 Gln/Gln86 (75%)2 (25%)28.24.45–178.8<0.00138.34.76–307.60.001
  • a Comparing G→T/C→A mutations versus the rest of tumors (with or without p53 mutations).

  • b OR adjusted by age, smoking, and histological type.

  • c When the same analysis was done, excluding the 13 nonsmokers, the results did not vary significantly (data not shown).