Table 3

Proportional-odds model for premenopausal women (n = 140)

CovariateOR95% CIP
Age at first birtha1.4531.159–1.8220.0012
No. of births0.8350.709–0.9840.0310
 1st quartileReferent
 2nd quartile0.3410.116–1.0020.0504
 3rd quartile0.3590.102–1.2680.1116
 4th quartile0.0810.027–0.248<0.0001
 1st weight quartile0.1130.017–0.7470.0236
 2nd weight quartile0.3240.110–0.9600.1978
 3rd weight quartile0.2200.058–0.8390.0267
 4th weight quartile0.1650.025–1.0970.0623
  • a OR is calculated for a difference of 5 years (e.g., a woman who was 30 at first birth compared with a woman who was 25 at first birth.