Table 2

Cancer worry, perceived cancer risk, demographic, and background characteristics among men who had an abnormal or normal PSA level

VariableMean ± SD or percentageP
nAbnormal PSA level (≥4 ng/ml)Normal PSA level (<4 ng/ml)t or χ2
Perceived cancer risk16052.90 ± 1.062.66 ± 1.09−2.270.02a
Cancer worry16351.46 ± 0.521.34 ± 0.43−2.870.004a
Age167163.02 ± 6.7957.75 ± 7.46−7.810.0001a
 African American28%26%
PSA test in the past164680%71%4.170.04
PSA level abnormal in the past104752%5%208.220.0001
Discussed PSA testing with physician165559%47%6.000.014
Physician recommendation725
 Have PSA test79%73%
 Do not have PSA test2%1%
 No recommendation19%27%2.110.35
DRE test in the past165983%85%0.240.62
DRE abnormal in the past116530%11%26.120.0001
DRE suspicious in the past105922%8%17.010.0001
Past prostate biopsy162636%6%133.460.0001
Family history123035%31%0.640.42
Reason for screening1680
 Physician recommendation7%2%11.710.001
 Received postcard23%28%1.550.21
 Test was free44%41%0.650.42
 No regular physician14%16%0.350.56
 Best place for test55%54%0.060.81
  • a t tests (all other tests were χ2 tests).