Table 1

Descriptive statistics for the medical, background, and demographic variables

VariablenMean ± SD or percentage
PSA level16801.7 ± 3.04 ng/ml
 PSA ≥4 ng/ml8%
DRE suspicious for cancer16805%
Perceived cancer risk16052.68 ± 1.09
Cancer worry16351.35 ± 0.44
Age (yr)167158.17 ± 7.54
 African American28%
PSA test in the past164672%
Last PSA test1185
 <1 year ago28%
 1–2 years ago60%
 >2 years ago12%
PSA level abnormal in the past10479%
Discussed PSA testing with physician165548%
Physician recommendation725
 Have PSA test73%
 Do not have PSA test1%
 No recommendation26%
DRE in the past165984%
Last DRE1372
 <1 year ago26%
 1–2 years ago55%
 >2 years ago19%
DRE abnormal in the past116512%
DRE suspicious in the past10599%
Past prostate biopsy16269%
Family history123031%
Reason for screening1680
 Physician recommendation2%
 Received postcard28%
 Test was free41%
 No regular physician15%
 Best place for test54%