Table 4

OR of esophageal cancer for the joint effects of amount and temperature of maté drinkinga

Maté drinking temperatureMaté drinking amount (liter/day)
OR (95% CI) cases/controlsOR (95% CI) cases/controlsOR (95% CI) cases/controls
Warm/hot1.0 (reference)1.60 (1.05–2.44)1.80 (1.08–3.00)
Very hot2.84 (1.06–7.66)2.80 (1.37–5.71)2.95 (1.30–6.74)
  • a ORs adjusted for age, sex, urban/rural status, years of education, number of cigarettes smoked per day, smoking duration, total alcohol per day, and duration of alcohol consumption. P for the interaction between maté amount and maté temperature = 0.7.