Table 4

ORsa and 95% CI by site within the colorectum comparing the highest to lowest categories of markers of insulin and glucose control, CLUE II cohort of Washington County, Maryland, 1989–2000

MarkerComparing highest to lowest categoriesb
ColonProximal colonDistal colonRectum
 (95% CI)(1.11–3.48)(1.00–4.40)(0.72–3.58)(0.36–2.26)
 (95% CI)(1.02–3.13)(0.71–2.98)(1.18–5.70)(0.68–3.94)
Use of medications to treat diabetes
 (95% CI)(1.05–5.75)(0.93–7.32)(0.65–6.89)(0.77–11.4)
  • a ORs estimated from unconditional logistic regression models (adjusting for the matching factors) breaking the matching and including all controls to preserve power. Numbers of cases of each site were: colon 132, proximal colon (cecum to splenic flexure) 67; distal colon (below splenic flexure to rectosigmoid junction) 55, and rectum 41.

  • b For HbA1c, presented are ORs comparing the highest to lowest fourth of the distribution with cut points based on the distribution among the controls. The quartile cut points for HbA1c (%) were: 5.38, 5.54, 5.78. For BMI, presented are ORs comparing ≥30 (obese) to BMI <25 kg/m2 (normal) based on Ref. 3 . For use of medications to treat diabetes, presented are ORs comparing use to nonuse.