Table 3

ORsa and 95% CI of colorectal cancer by categories of BMI and use of medications to treat diabetes, CLUE II cohort of Washington County, Maryland, 1989–2000

Cases/ControlsORb(95% CI)
BMI at baselinea
 Normal (<25 kg/m2)69/1531.00Reference
 Overweight (25–29.9 kg/m2)66/1431.020.66–1.57
 Obese (≥30 kg/m2)38/501.701.01–2.86
Use of medications to treat diabetes at baseline
  • a Cut points from Ref. 3 .

  • b ORs estimated from conditional logistic regression. Cases and controls were matched on age, sex, race, time since last meal, and date of blood draw.