Table 3

Matched ORs for JCV and BKV antibodies and brain tumors, stratified by selected characteristics, Washington County, MD, 1975–2000

CasesControlsOR95% CIOR95% CI
Tumor typea
Age at diagnosisb
 <65 years22441.52(0.49–4.68)0.25(0.02–2.76)
 ≥65 years22441.37(0.34–5.47)0.87(0.25–3.03)
Time to diagnosisa,b
 ≤7.8 years22440.89(0.28–2.81)0.53(0.14–2.04)
 >7.8 years22442.95(0.63–13.84)1.00(0.16–6.42)
  • a Controls were assigned the value of the cases they were matched to.

  • b Age at and time to diagnosis were dichotomized based on the median value in the controls.