Table 2

Serum antibodies to JCV, BKV, and SV40 and their relation to the risk of a subsequent primary malignant brain tumor, Washington County, MD, 1975–2000

Polyomavirus antibodiesCasesControlsMatched OR95% CI
 640 or 256022(50.0)41(46.6)1.44(0.57–3.64)
 640 or 256017(38.6)39(44.3)0.61(0.19–1.94)
 Weak positivec1(2.3)4d(4.5)0.45(0.04–4.82)
  • a Antibody titers measured by ELISA.

  • b Antibodies measured by plaque neutralization assay.

  • c Weak positive is defined as positive at 1:10 serum dilution and negative at 1:40 dilution; positive is defined as positive at both dilutions.

  • d Includes one specimen that was positive at the 1:10 dilution but could not be interpreted at the 1:40 dilution.

  • e This positive category includes both weak positives and positives.