Table 3

Factors associated with CST use among physicians: ORa and 95% CIs

FactorsTotal (n = 1251)PCP (n = 820)TCP (n = 209)
OR95% CIOR95% CIOR95% CI
Region of United States
 North Central1.010.65–1.560.910.55–1.501.700.66–4.37
Medical school location
 In United States1.001.001.00
 Outside United States0.680.46–1.000.740.47–1.150.380.18–0.80
Feel qualified to recommend CST?
 No or not sure1.001.001.00
In past year, patients asked if they can or should get tested
Local counseling and testing services available
 Not sure0.390.23–0.660.460.25–0.820.140.04–0.45
In past year, received CST advertising materials
 No or not sure1.001.001.00
  • a ORs and 95% CIs are weighted to the United States population of physicians in the selected specialties and adjusted for all other factors listed in this table.