Table 4

Studies examining intention to pursue genetic testing for breast cancer susceptibility among women at average risk for breast cancer

StudyStudy populationNo. studiedType of studyIntention to pursue testingKnowledge or awareness of testingCancer worryInsurance coverage
Andrykowski et al. (17)General population (male and female)649 (55% female)Telephone survey93% of female respondentsNot testedNo associationNot tested
Tambor et al. (22)Female HMOa members473Telephone survey69%Not testedNot testedNot tested
Mogilner et al. (20)Female patients and family members354Convenience survey66% (by age)Not testedNot testedNot tested
Ludman et al. (19)Female primary care patients91Convenience surveyNot given (except in relation to coverage of cost of testing)Women who had heard or read of test more likelyto want testingNot tested71% would undergo testing if it was covered by insurance
Press et al. (21)African-, European-, Native-American and Ashkenazi Jewish women246Structured interviews71%Not testedNot testedNot tested
Armstrong et al. (18)Female primary care patients272Mail survey58% interested in affordable, convenient test53% aware of testingNot testedNot tested
Gwyn et al. (this study)Female HMO members518Mail survey40.8%Positive associationPositive associationPositive association
  • a HMO, health maintenance organization.