Table 1

Univariate analysis of factors associated with intention to pursue genetic testing for breast cancer susceptibility

Independent variablesn% definitely/probably intending to pursue testingχ2P
Demographic and medical history
  50–64 yr33243.73.4970.066
  ≥65 y16634.9
  High school or less14642.50.2470.618
  More than high school34740.1
 Marital status
  Married/living as married32941.00.0470.454
 Family history of breast cancer
  Any family history16549.78.8550.003
Awareness and contingencies
 Awareness of genetic testing for breast cancer
  Almost nothing/relatively little35637.65.4350.023
  A fair amount/a lot13449.3
 Pursue testing only if health insurance covers cost
  Probably yes/definitely yes21155.033.494<0.001
  Definitely not/probably not/uncertain27028.9
 Would pursue testing even if no effect on breast cancer detection or treatment
  Probably yes/definitely yes33252.760.559<0.001
  Definitely not/probably not/uncertain15515.5
 Would worry about effect of testing on health/life insurance
  Probably yes/definitely yes13038.50.4610.534
  Definitely not/probably not/uncertain36341.9
 Pursue testing only if physician recommends test
  Probably yes/definitely yes28041.80.4830.517
  Definitely not/probably not/uncertain21238.7
 Intention to pursue testing for breast cancer susceptibility
  Probably yes/definitely yesa197<0.001 (t test)
  Definitely not/probably not/uncertainb293
  • a Mean cancer worry score = 4.77.

  • b Mean cancer worry score = 4.17.