Table 4

Prevalence of alcohol flushing and amount of alcohol drinking according to ADH2 genotypes in men with ALDH2*1/2*2

ADH2 genotypeCasesControlsP, cases vs. controls
Alcohol flushingPAlcohol flushingP
Prevalence of alcohol flushinga
ADH2*1/2*1(n = 44)36.4%25.0%38.6%]<0.0001b(n = 16)25.0%37.5%37.5%]<0.0001b0.68b
ADH2*1/*2 or 2*2/2*2(n = 116)61.2%31.9%6.9%(n = 222)73.4%17.6%9.0%0.17b
 Total(n = 160)54.4%30.0%15.6%(n = 238)70.2%18.9%10.9%0.0049b
 Adjusted for ADH2 genotypec54.4%30.0%15.6%60.1%23.1%16.8%0.30
Amount of alcohol drinking (units/week), median
ADH2*1/*2 or 2*2/2*216.3616.3617.730.91d1.827.9114.18<0.0001d
  • a Shown as row percentages.

  • b P for trend by Cochran-Mantel-Haenszel test.

  • c Percentages values of control are adjusted for ADH2 genotype by a direct method using the cases as the standard population; P is for trend adjusted for ADH2 genotype by Cochran-Mantel-Haenszel test.

  • d P for trend by Spearman rank-correlation analysis.