Table 3

Sensitivity and specificity of the flushing questionnaire for detecting inactive ALDH2, by ADH2 genotype and alcohol drinking

Inactive ALDH2 (2*1/2*2 or 2*2/2*2)Active ALDH2 (2*1/2*1)
N% of current/former flushing (sensitivitya)PbN% of never flushing (specificitya)Pb
All subjects17128484.8% (56.7%)c90.1% (74.3%)c0.10 (0.0001)c6232682.3% (88.7%)c88.0% (95.1%)c0.21 (0.072)c
ADH2 genotype
2*1/2*2 or 2*2/2*212626493.7%91.7%0.555631583.9%88.3%0.38
Alcohol drinking
 Never/rare to light2621892.3%95.4%0.37311366.7%83.3%0.36
  • a Sensitivity and specificity of current/former flushing for detecting inactive ALDH2 (2*1/2*2 or 2*2/2*2).

  • b Comparison of the sensitivity and specificity between cases and controls by Fisher’s exact test.

  • c Values in parentheses were percentage of current flushing among men with inactive ALDH2 (left columns); and percentage of former/never flushing among men with active ALDH2 (right columns).

  • d Comparison of the sensitivity and specificity between ADH2 genotype groups and among alcohol drinking categories by Fisher’s exact test.