Table 3

Odds ratiosa and 95% confidence intervals (CIs) for prostate cancer in quartiles of serum fatty acid composition in male smokers

Serum lipidsQuartile 1Quartile 2Quartile 3Quartile 4Trend, P
Myristic acid, C14:0 (median %)0.861.121.281.56
 Odds ratio1.000.821.141.93
 95% CI0.45–1.490.63–2.071.02–3.640.02
Palmitic acid, C16:0 (median %)11.6312.3512.9413.99
 Odds ratio1.000.961.471.27
 95% CI0.54–1.720.82–2.630.68–2.360.27
Palmitoleic acid, C16:1 n-7 (median %)3.093.985.116.88
 Odds ratio1.000.921.181.06
 95% CI0.51–1.650.68–2.050.57–1.950.67
Stearic acid, C18:0 (median %)0.961.191.361.63
 Odds ratio1.000.810.860.72
 95% CI0.46–1.430.49–1.510.40–1.290.33
cis-Vaccenic acid, C18:1 n-7 (median %)
 Odds ratio1.000.710.750.81
 95% CI0.40–1.260.41–1.360.44–1.480.55
Oleic acid, C18:1 n-9 (median %)18.5421.5423.4825.73
 Odds ratio1.001.170.701.21
 95% CI0.66–2.070.39–1.280.66–2.200.96
Linoleic acid, C18:2 n-6 (median %)39.7744.8248.4353.28
 Odds ratio1.000.820.730.77
 95% CI0.45–1.500.42–1.250.43–1.390.35
α-Linolenic acid, C18:3 n-3 (median %)0.470.600.710.91
 Odds ratio1.000.921.160.97
 95% CI0.53–1.620.68–1.980.54–1.750.89
γ-Linolenic acid, C18:3 n-6 (median %)0.440.620.791.00
 Odds ratio1.001.091.681.30
 95% CI0.61–1.930.92–3.050.74–2.270.18
Dihomo-γ-linolenic acid, C20:3 n-6 (median %)0.450.570.660.78
 Odds ratio1.
 95% CI0.68–2.170.71–2.200.58–2.040.76
Arachidonic acid, C20:4 n-6 (median %)3.964.555.095.89
 Odds ratio1.001.050.941.39
 95% CI0.60–1.840.54–1.640.79–2.440.34
Eicosapentaenoic acid, C20:5 n-3 (median %)0.921.251.762.74
 Odds ratio1.001.000.721.12
 95% CI0.55–1.800.39–1.320.61–2.041.00
Docosahexaenoic acid, C22:6 n-3 (median %)0.550.700.841.05
 Odds ratio1.000.601.080.71
 95% CI0.33–1.090.59–1.970.40–1.260.63
  • a Unadjusted values. The results were similar after adjustment for area of residence (urban/rural), education, body mass index, alcohol consumption, and the number of years of smoking.