Table 1

Mean values (SD) for each anthropometric measurement for all cases (by grade)a and noncases

All cases (n = 477)Low grade (n = 66)Moderate grade (n = 332)Aggressive (n = 79)Noncases (n = 15,859)
Age at baseline (years)
Height (cm)171.46.8172.07.6171.56.4170.67.9172.57.4
Weight (kg)80.511.581.313.379.910.382.414.380.911.8
Waist circumference (cm)94.910.395.212.894.39.597.011.093.510.0
Hip circumference (cm)101.97.3102.59.5101.46.4103.58.5101.07.0
Fat-free mass (kg)56.55.857.06.356.35.557.26.657.25.8
Fat mass (kg)24.07.724.39.323.66.925.
Percentage fat29.25.829.16.729.15.529.
Body mass index (kg/m2)27.43.627.
Waist-to-hip ratio0.930.060.930.080.930.060.940.060.920.06
Heart rate (beats/min)b66.910.665.912.767.110.567.09.167.310.5
  • a Gleason score was ascertained and used to categorize prostate cancer grade into low (Gleason score 1–4), moderate (Gleason score 5–7), or high (Gleason score 8–10). High-grade prostate cancers and metastatic cases were grouped together as aggressive prostate cancer.

  • b On basis of 475 prostate cancers (66 low grade, 331 moderate grade, and 78 aggressive) and 15,813 noncases.