Table 5

Interquartile relative riska of prostate cancer in relation to level of serum hormones, by tumor aggressiveness, interval between blood draw and diagnosis, smoking history, and age

HormoneOdds ratio95% CIb
Total Tc
 All men0.890.73–1.08
  “Aggressive” tumors0.840.66–1.08
  Nonaggressive tumors1.040.79–1.38
  Diagnosis ≥ 3 yrs after blood draw0.890.67–1.19
  Diagnosis < 3 yrs after blood draw0.880.67–1.17
  Former smokers0.690.51–0.92
  Current smokers1.110.83–1.48
  Age ≤ 610.840.63–1.10
  Age > 610.950.71–1.23
Free Td
 All men0.890.77–1.03
  “Aggressive” tumors0.870.72–1.05
  Nonaggressive tumors0.970.79–1.20
  Diagnosis ≥ 3 yrs after blood draw0.870.70–1.07
  Diagnosis < 3 yrs after blood draw0.910.74–1.12
  Former smokers0.670.53–0.83
  Current smokers1.110.89–1.38
  Age ≤ 610.860.71–1.06
  Age > 610.940.76–1.18
3 α-diol Ge
 All men1.120.97–1.30
  “Aggressive” tumors1.211.00–1.45
  Nonaggressive tumors1.000.82–1.23
  Diagnosis ≥ 3 yrs after blood draw1.040.84–1.29
  Diagnosis < 3 yrs after blood draw1.200.98–1.46
  Former smokers1.030.83–1.27
  Current smokers1.200.96–1.50
  Age ≤ 611.201.00–1.18
  Age > 611.030.83–1.27
Total E2f
 All men0.900.77–1.05
  “Aggressive” tumors0.910.75–1.11
  Nonaggressive tumors0.750.60–0.93
  Diagnosis ≥ 3 yrs after blood draw0.950.76–1.20
  Diagnosis < 3 yrs after blood draw0.850.68–1.05
  Former smokers0.990.79–1.24
  Current smokers0.840.67–1.05
  Age ≤ 611.070.86–1.33
  Age > 610.750.60–0.94
Free E2g
 All men0.830.72–0.96
  “Aggressive” tumors0.830.69–1.00
  Nonaggressive tumors0.700.56–0.86
  Diagnosis ≥ 3 yrs after blood draw0.950.76–1.18
  Diagnosis < 3 yrs after blood draw0.740.61–0.90
  Former smokers1.030.83–1.27
  Current smokers0.680.55–0.85
  Age ≤ 610.960.78–1.18
  Age > 610.710.58–0.88
  • a As estimated by the odds ratio. All of the analyses were adjusted for age at first visit (except for analysis of age subgroups), race, and levels of other hormones. The overall analysis is based on 300 cases and 298 controls for each hormone. The numbers of cases/controls used in the subgroup analyses are as follows: aggressive tumors (see text for definition) 139/298 (included all controls), nonaggressive tumors 101/298 (all controls); diagnosis ≥ 3 yrs 132/131 (matched controls only), diagnosis < 3 yrs 168/167 (matched controls); former smokers 149/147 (matched controls), current smokers 142/142 (matched controls); and age ≤ 61 146/155 (controls ≤ 61 years of age), age > 61 154/143 (controls > 61 years of age).

  • b T, testosterone; 3α-diol G, 3α-androstanediol glucuronide; E2, estradiol; SHBG, sex hormone binding globulin.

  • c Adjusted for SHBG, 3α-diol G, and total E2.

  • d Adjusted for 3α-diol G and free E2.

  • e Adjusted for free T and free E2.

  • f Adjusted for total T, SHBG, and 3α-diol G.

  • g Adjusted for free T and 3α-diol G.