Table 4

Relative risk (RR) and 95% confidence interval (CI) of prostate cancer by intake of cruciferous vegetables excluding those who reported increased vegetable intake in last 10 years at 1986

Cruciferous vegetables (1986 intake)P (trend)
Total prostate cancer (n)379437308380266
 95% CI0.77–1.020.75–1.020.76–1.020.71–0.99
Organ-confined (n)212260189201132
 95% CI0.78–1.120.78–1.170.69–1.030.61–0.96
Extraprostatic (n)6056455551
 95% CI0.50–1.050.51–1.130.53–1.130.61–1.35
  • a Multivariate model included same variables as in Table 1<$REFLINK> .