Table 2

DNA repair genotypes in breast cancer cases and controls

SNPsSubjectsGenotypeaPbWV vs. WWVV vs. WWWV/VV vs. WWVV vs. WV/WV
WWWVVVOR (95% CI)cOR (95% CI)cOR (95% CI)cOR (95% CI)c
XRCC1 Controls242231ReferentReferentReferentReferent
Arg194Trp Cases2113140.141.47 (0.80–2.70)NAd1.60 (0.89–2.87)NA
XRCC1 Controls11512329ReferentReferentReferentReferent
Arg399Gln Cases99122300.691.02 (0.70–1.51)1.07 (0.58–1.96)1.03 (0.71–1.49)1.05 (0.59–1.87)
XRCC3 Controls10412935ReferentReferentReferentReferent
Thr241Met Cases96105510.070.85 (0.57–1.27)1.41 (0.83–2.42)0.98 (0.67–1.41)1.54 (0.94–2.52)
ERCC4/XPF Controls236320ReferentReferentReferentReferent
Arg415Gln Cases2172970.020.96 (0.54–1.69)NA1.23 (0.72–2.09)NA
  • a WW, wild-type/wild-type; WV, wild-type/variant; VV, variant/variant.

  • b Fisher’s exact test for genotype distributions.

  • c OR adjusted for age, FH, age at menarche, age at first live birth, and BMI using logistic regression.

  • d NA, not applicable.