Table 1

Baseline characteristics of the subcohort by SRD5A2 V89L genotype

Val/Val (n = 198)Val/Leu (n = 153)Leu/Leu (n = 31)
Age (in yrs) at recruitment, mean (SD)58.0 (4.7)57.7 (4.5)58.1 (4.5)0.85
Height (cm), mean (SD)161.8 (6.0)162.0 (6.0)162.1 (6.5)0.94
Weight (kg), mean (SD)68.9 (12.3)67.3 (9.3)67.7 (8.8)0.38
BMI (kg/m2), mean (SD)26.3 (4.8)25.6 (3.4)25.8 (2.7)0.30
Ever-smokers, %27.3%27.5%16.1%0.40
Nulliparous women, %22.2%19.6%19.4%0.82
Age at first full-term pregnancy, mean (SD)b26.9 (4.4)27.4 (4.8)27.8 (4.5)0.58
Ever oral contraceptive users, %1.6%5.5%12.9%0.03c
Age (in yrs) at menopause, mean (SD)49.5 (4.2)49.6 (3.9)50.5 (2.5)0.49
Positive family history of breast cancer (first grade), %8.7%6.0%3.3%0.71c
Regular HRT users in past 12 months, %7.7%8.5%19.4%0.05c
  • a P computed using one-way ANOVA for continuous variables and χ2 tests for categorical variables.

  • b Parous women only.

  • c Expected numbers in cells were too small to calculate a valid χ2 value, therefore, Fisher exact test was performed for the categories (Val/Val + Val/Leu) versus (Leu/Leu).