Table 2

Multivariate Pearson correlation coefficientsa between plasma total cysteine concentrations and other characteristics among control subjects

VariablePlasma total cysteine (nmol/ml)
Correlation coefficientP
Age (yrs)b0.15<0.001
Body mass index at age 18 years (kg/m2)c0.060.15
Body mass index at blood collection (kg/m2)c0.100.007
 Folate (ng/ml)0.060.11
 Vitamin B6 (pmol/ml)0.040.35
 Vitamin B12 (pg/ml)0.020.66
 Total homocysteine (nmol/ml)0.50<0.001
 Folate from foods and supplements (μg/day)<0.0010.99
 Folate from foods only (μg/day)e0.090.14
 Vitamin B6 from foods and supplements (mg/day)−0.0050.90
 Vitamin B6 from foods only (mg/day)e0.060.24
 Vitamin B12 from foods and supplements (μg/day)0.030.51
 Vitamin B12 from foods only (μg/day)e0.120.04
 Methionine (g/day)0.050.18
 Saturated fat (g/day)0.030.44
 Monounsaturated fat (g/day)0.030.50
 Polyunsaturated fat (g/day)−0.040.25
Trans unsaturated fat (g/day)−0.040.32
 Dietary fiber (g/day)−0.030.37
  • a Adjustments for matching factors and body mass index at blood collection (<23, ≥23 to <25, ≥25 to <27, ≥27 to <30, or ≥30 kg/m2).

  • b Age was excluded.

  • c Body mass index at blood collection was excluded.

  • d Average intakes calculated from the 1980, 1984, 1986, and 1990 food frequency questionnaires.

  • e Supplement users were excluded.