Table 1

Comparison of self-reporta of having had a mammogram within the previous 2 years with information obtained from medical records among a sample of women enrolled in KPC

NSensitivity (%)Specificity (%)PPV (%)NPV (%)Overall agreement (%)κ
Age group (yrs)
 <High school3496.022.277.466.776.50.23
 ≥High school43098.857.188.793.389.30.65
Employment status
 Unemployed for other reasons7710038.181.210083.10.47
Marital status
 Spouse present32099.254.087.495.488.40.63
 No spouse14397.354.888.685.088.10.60
  • a Using an abbreviated version of the 1993 BRFSS.

  • b From the original sample of 480 women, a total of 15 were excluded from this table because it was impossible to determine from their self-report (11) or their medical record (4) whether or not they had a mammogram at KPC within the past 2 years.