Table 2

Sources of average lifetime physical activity among control women, by race/ethnicity and menopausal status

Hours/weekPremenopausal controlsPostmenopausal controls
Latinas n = 228African- Americans n = 128Whites n = 127Latinas n = 421African- Americans n = 316Whites n = 328
Total activity19.9a16.916.421.7ab18.1a15.6
Recreational activity1.9ab3.33.51.7ab2.32.7
Walking and bicycling0.8ab0.60.50.7a0.6a0.4
Strenuous household chores8.8ab6.35.910.5ab6.56.9
Strenuous outdoor chores2.0b0.5a1.41.9b1.01.4
Mostly moderate or strenuous jobs6.
Total vigorous activity4.
Total moderate activity15.7a13.611.617.6ab15.2a12.6
  • a Statistically significant difference compared with whites (P < 0.05).

  • b Statistically significant difference compared with African-Americans (P < 0.05).