Table 2

Dose, chemopreventive efficacy, and putative peak plasma levels of resveratrol in preclinical animal models in vivo

ModelaDaily dosebRouteEfficacycPutative peak plasma levelsdm)Reference
NMU-induced breast cancer in rat100 mg/kgIge+∼14 22
10 mg/kgIg∼1–2
AOM-induced colon cancer in rat200 μg/kgDrinking water+∼0.02 26
DMBA-induced breast cancer in rat1 mg/kgDiet+∼0.1 28
NMBA-induced oesophageal cancer in rat1 or 2 mg/kgi.g. or i.p.+∼0.1–1 27
ApcMin+/+ mouse15 mg/kgDrinking water+∼1–2 23
  • a AOM, azoxymethane; DMBA, 7,12-dimethylbenz(a)anthracene.

  • b Doses of resveratrol admixed to the diet or drinking water are approximate.

  • c +, efficacious; −, inefficacious.

  • d Peak levels are grossly approximated on the basis of extrapolation from pharmacokinetic data presented in Refs. 10 11 12 13 .

  • e Ig, immunoglobin.