Table 3

Multivariate associations of sociodemographic, reproductive, health and lifestyle factors with percentage of breast density among Hispanic women

CharacteristicPremenopausal (n = 105)Postmenopausal (n = 191)All (n = 296)
Age (Δ 1 year)−0.03(0.30)0.91−0.21(0.09)0.03−0.20(0.09)0.03
Postmenopausal vs. premenopausal---−5.19(1.66)0.002
Body mass index (Δ 1 kg/m2)−0.65(0.18)0.0006−0.30(0.12)0.02−0.43(0.10)<0.0001
Number of births (Δ 1)−0.04(0.51)0.94−0.10(0.25)0.68−0.08(0.23)0.73
Current vs. never/past use of HRTa4.80(5.04)0.343.50(1.52)0.023.34(1.49)0.03
Current vs. never/past cigarette smoking6.23(3.33)0.060.10(3.00)0.973.34(2.18)0.13
  • a HRT, hormone replacement therapy.