Table 2

Intake of dietary fiber at baseline, supplemental fiber over the course of the trial, and total fiber (estimated by baseline dietary fiber intake plus supplemental fiber intake)

Fiber sourceMean ± SDMedianRangePa
Baseline dietary fiber intake (g/day)
 Low-fiber group18.9 ± 8.317.73.8–56.8
 High-fiber group18.7 ±–55.00.70
Supplemental fiber intake (g/day)
 Low-fiber group1.5 ±–2.1
 High-fiber group9.6 ±–13.5<0.001
Total fiber intake (g/day)
 Low-fiber group20.4 ± 8.319.44.9–57.7
 High-fiber group28.3 ± 8.827.57.0–66.3<0.001
  • a P compares the fiber intake of the low-fiber group with that of the high-fiber group.