Table 2

Relationship between alcohol use and risk of overall and specific histologic types of breast cancer

FactorControls n = 998Overall n = 967ORa95% CIDuctal n = 651OR95% CILobular n = 195OR95% CI
Alcohol use (g/day)
  P for trendd0.6730.9310.614
  p for trendd0.4190.6380.453
  • a All odds ratios (ORs) are adjusted for age (continuous), family history of breast cancer (yes/no), and body mass index (quartiles).

  • b Women who drank <12 beverages containing alcohol during the past 20 years, or who did not consume at least one beverage containing alcohol a month for 6 months during the past 20 years, were classified as never-users of alcohol. Former users were defined as ever-users of alcohol who reported no alcohol consumption during the year prior to their reference date. Current users were defined as users of alcohol who reported using alcohol during the year prior to their reference date.

  • c P < 0.05.

  • d P for trend were evaluated by treating alcohol use (g/day) as a continuous variable and excluding subjects who were never-users of alcohol.