Table 2

ORs of cancer of the colon for quintiles of serum IGF-IIa

Quintile levelPtrend
Study population: 75 cases and 147 controls
OR in the basic model1.001.240.731.252.020.24
 (95% CI)(0.47–3.31)(0.29–1.84)(0.55–2.99)(0.73–5.61)
 No. cases/controls14/3015/2911/3416/2819/26
 Mean exposure (ng/ml)6688189029971189
OR adjusted for IGFBP-
 (95% CI)(0.44–3.18)(0.27–1.79)(0.48–2.88)(0.68–5.41)
OR adjusted for IGFBP-
 (95% CI)(0.43–3.39)(0.23–1.64)(0.49–2.88)(0.51–4.47)
OR adjusted for IGFBP-
 (95% CI)(0.43–3.35)(0.24–1.99)(0.37–3.57)(0.37–8.44)
  • a Conditional logistic regression analyses were matched for age, menopausal status, day of menstrual cycle (for premenopausal women) and time of last food consumption.