Table 2

Adjusteda geometric mean levels of serum E1, E2, and androstenedione (pg/ml) by body size, select menstrual and reproductive variables, and cigarette smoking status

BMI (kg/m2)
 2p (linear trend)0.020.340.59
Height (cm)b
 2p (linear trend)0.670.010.61
Age at menarche (yrs)b
 2p (17+ vs. ≤16)
Age first live birth (yrs)/parousb
 2p (31+/nulliparous vs. ≤30)0.390.030.90
 Menarche <17/31+/nulliparous1735.316.0418.7
 Menarche <17/other10930.913.0453.2
 Menarche 17+1824.612.1316.9
 2p (linear trend)
Cigarette smokingb
 Current smoker831.416.7372.0
  • a Adjusted for time interval between blood draw and last meal, and age.

  • b Further adjusted for BMI.