Table 2

XRCC1 and XRCC3 polymorphisms and bladder cancer risk, combined analysisa

XRCC1XRCC3 codon 241Whites and blacks
CasesControlsORadjb95% CITest of interaction P
Codon 194c
 Arg/ArgThr/Met + Met/Met123931e
 Arg/TrpdThr/Met + Met/Met20190.80.4–1.6
Codon 399
 Arg/Arg + Arg/GlnThr/Met + Met/Met128971ref
 Arg/Arg + Arg/GlnThr/Thrd83830.80.5–1.1
 Gln/GlndThr/Met + Met/Met15150.80.4–1.6
  • a One white case, carrying the Thr/Thr genotype, and three white controls, carrying the Thr/Met or Met/Met genotype, had to be excluded from the analysis because of lack of XRCC1 genotype information.

  • b Adjusted for age, sex, and ethnicity.

  • c No subjects had Trp/Trp genotype.

  • d Protective genotypes.

  • e ref, reference group.