Table 1

Genotypic frequencies and XRCC3 codon 241 polymorphism and smoking combined analysisa

SmokingXRCC3 codon 241Whites and blacks
Cases n = 233Controls n = 209ORadjb95% CITest for interaction P
Nonsmokers and smokers combinedThr/Thr90 (39%)94 (45%)1d
Thr/Met110 (47%)91 (44%)1.20.8–1.9NAc
Met/Met33 (14%)24 (11%)1.50.8–2.7NA
 0Thr/Met + Met/Met23391.20.5–2.5
 1–35Thr/Met + Met/Met40482.41.1–4.90.34
 >35Thr/Met + Met/Met79278.33.9–180.26
  • a Two individuals, one case and one control, both carriers of the Met allele, were missing pack-years information.

  • b Adjusted for age and sex and ethnicity.

  • c NA, not applicable.

  • d ref, reference group.