Table 3

Ovarian cancer mortality by BMI and ever use of ERT, CPS-II, 1982–1998

Ever ERT usea
NeverEver, oral
BMI <25.0
 No. of deaths462246
 Age-standardized rateb26.0731.46
 RR (95% CI)c11
BMI 25.0 to <30.0
 No. of deaths27395
 Age-standardized rateb32.0930.78
 RR (95% CI)c1.20 (1.03–1.39)0.99 (0.78–1.26)
BMI ≥30.0
 No. of deaths12925
 Age-standardized rateb36.2929.21
 RR (95% CI)c1.36 (1.12–1.66)0.93 (0.62–1.41)
P for trend = 0.001P for trend = 0.72
P for interaction = 0.05
  • a Women who reported using estrogen in cream or injection are excluded.

  • b Death rates standardized to the CPS-II female population, rate/100,000 person-years.

  • c Adjusted for age at entry, race, height, exercise, age at menarche, age at menopause, duration of oral contraceptive use, and number of full-term pregnancies.