Table 5

ACF characteristics in patients with SC or DD according to the presence of melanosis coli by histology

ACF characteristicsPatients with SCPatients with DD
Melanosis coli (n = 21)No melanosis coli (n = 34)PMelanosis coli (n = 16)No melanosis coli (n = 25)P
Total number of ACF2002996686
Number of ACF per subject: mean (SD)9.00 (5.33)9.12 (6.25)NSa4.13 (4.70)3.44 (4.04)NS
Frequency: mean (SD) (ACF/cm2)0.23 (0.17)0.25 (0.19)NS0.11 (0.11)0.10 (0.12)NS
Multiplicity: mean (SD) (crypts/focus)25.88 (16.83)17.38 (9.96)NS17.64 (17.50)26.15 (18.76)NS
  • a NS, P > 0.05.