Table 2

Selected characteristics of participants with and without ovarian cancer

Cases (n = 254)Controls (n = 652)P
Age at interview (years): mean (SD)47.5 (12.6)48.0 (10.2)
Area of resident
Income in 1998 (year/month)< 0.01
BMI (5 years ago, kg/m2)
Vigorous activity<0.01
 Never (0 h/week)a20279.545669.9
 Ever (>1 h/week)5220.519630.1
Overall tea consumption<0.01
Alcohol consumptionb
Coffee consumptionb
 Tobacco smoking
Marital status<0.01
 Never marrieda72.881.2
 Widowed, divorced, separated166.3345.2
 Menopause statusb
No. of delivery of full-term pregnancyb< 0.05
Oral contraceptive useb<0.01
 Tubal ligationb
Ovarian cancer in first degree relativesb<0.01
  • a Reference category.

  • b Data missing for two controls.