Table 1

Number of blood samples selected for the PAH-DNA adduct assays by case-control status and by reason for selection, Long Island Breast Cancer Study Project, 1996–1997

Subject statusCases (n)Controls (n)Total (n)
InvasiveIn situAll
(A)Respondent to main questionnaire150815563064
(B) Blood donor110211412243
(C)  Blood samples selected for PAH-DNA adduct assay (= E + F)5661296954241119
(D)   Reason for selection:
(E)    Random samplea398128526400926
(F)    Specifically selected (= G + H + I + J + K)168116924193
(G)     African American not randomly selected52227
(H)     Selected as African American, but white123
(I)     Selected as in situ, but invasive4242
(J)     Selected as invasive, but in situ11
(K)     Donated second sample120120
(L)  Blood samples included in most statistical analyses (= C − K)b446129575424999
  • a All of the samples donated by in situ cases with sufficient amounts of blood/DNA were selected for analyses (see “Materials and Methods”).

  • b Excludes second samples (see “Materials and Methods”).