Table 8

Riska of breast cancer in ipsilateral breast, relative to risk in contralateral breast, in relation to presence of class 1 calcifications on screening mammograms by time since screening mammogram

Calcification statusTime since mammogram
1 to <3 years3 to <6 years≥6 years
IpsbContraRR (95% CI)IpsContraRR (95% CI)IpsContraRR (95% CI)
None81861.0 (reference)1201251.0 (reference)90821.0 (reference)
Class 11061.3 (0.4–4.4)1133.7 (1.1–17)50∞ (1.8–∞)
  • a RRs adjusted for all other classes of calcifications.

  • b Ips, ipsilateral; Contra, contralateral.