Table 6

Total cancer incidence according to baseline plasma selenium, by treatment group

Baseline plasma SeSeaPlaceboa
HR95% CIPP, trendbHR95% CIPP, trendb
 Per 10 ng/ml1.121.03–1.220.0050.970.90–1.050.49
By median
 ≤113.4 ng/ml1.001.00
 >113.4 ng/ml1.450.98––1.340.79
By tertile
 ≤105.2 ng/ml1.001.00
 105.2–121.6 ng/ml1.290.78–2.150.320.880.59–1.310.52
 >121.6 ng/ml1.881.15––
  • a HR, 95% CI, and P values from the Cox proportional hazards models adjusted for age (continuous), gender, and smoking status (never, former, current) at baseline.

  • b Ps for trend across tertiles were conducted using the tertile variable as a continuous term.