Table 2

Use of “Pathways” self-help guide and nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) by intervention arm

MaterialsTotal (n = 557)EUC (n = 185)BF (n = 372)P
Recalled receiving “Pathways” guide (%)9286960.0002
Read some or all of “Pathways” (%)7164750.04
Followed any suggestions in “Pathways” (%)7163760.008
Helpfulness of “Pathways”a (mean/SD)7.0 (2.6)6.1 (2.8)7.5 (2.4)0.0001b
Requested NRT and used it (%)4746480.72
Helpfulness of NRT,a mean (SD)7.7 (2.8)7.0 (3.0)8.1 (2.5)0.01b
  • a Response range from 0 (not at all helpful) to 10 (extremely helpful).

  • b P from nonparametric test because of nonnormal data.