Table 1

Characteristics of smokers who participated by intervention arm

Baseline characteristicsTotal (n = 557)EUC (n = 185)BF (n = 372)P
Demographics and health
 Age, mean (SD)44.5 (12.3)45.5 (12.4)44.0 (12.2)0.17
 Male (%)4044380.20
 Current health fair to poor (%)4845500.25
 One or more chronic illnesses (%)6470610.03
 Completed preintervention assessment (%)8790860.15
 Cigarettes/day, mean (SD)15.5 (10.4)16.1 (9.8)15.3 (10.7)0.13
 Desire to quit (mean/SD)a7.5 (2.5)7.2 (2.6)7.6 (2.4)0.03
 Smoke within 30 min of waking (%)7884750.01
 Have made a serious quit attempt in the prior 12 months (%)5955610.25
 Precontemplator/contemplator (%)3232320.95
 Risk perceptions/affect
 Likely to get lung cancer in lifetime if continue to smoke (%)a6864700.30
 Likely to get lung cancer in lifetime if quit smoking (%)b99100.81
 Worried about lung cancer in lifetime (%)c5250530.53
 Depression, mean (SD)11.9 (6.2)11.4 (6.2)12.2 (6.2)0.16
  • a Response range from 1 (no desire to quit) to 10 (strong desire to quit).

  • b Includes those who reported likely or very likely.

  • c Includes those who reported worried or very worried, PIA only.